About Steve

Have you ever been to a party and met those types of people who just seem to "fit in" naturally?

The people who can effortlessly keep a conversation going, seem to say all the right things and mingles with the crowd as if everyone has known them for years, even though they just met.

That's what most people tell me I'm like.

While I won't be the life of the party, I'll be the one observing, listening and u

Why is this important for your business? Because if you can't understand how your customer is thinking, it will be impossible for you to predict their behaviour. It will also be impossible for you to understand how to speak with them to convince them that your solution is better than any other option out there.

Ultimately knowing your prospect and how to speak their language will translate into sales.

So does this mean you've got to understand how your prospects think? Study human psychology, and obsess over every little thought, desire and wish they have?

No! You've got a business to run. Instead my clients hire me to do it for them.

I've got a knack for taking the bests parts of what you have to offer in your business and presenting it to your clients in a way they can easily understand and seldom resist.

As A List Copywriter Doberman Dan put it....

"Steve's got a natural ability to make clear and simple explanations of complicated concepts. That's a skill a lot of writers don't have. But a CRUCIAL one for copywriters who consistently write for conversions"

So, if you're looking for a way to easily communicate with your audience and ultimately turn that into more sales for your business, stop doing it yourself! Instead, head over to my services page and hire me to write your next promotion or simply tune up the promotion you already have running.