Need Compliant Marketing For Your Products? Heres How To Do It…


Need Compliant Marketing For Your Products? Here's How To Do It...

So you’ve researched the heck out of your new sales page. You’ve put together all the studies, research and scientific data to back up every claim, every sentence, every word.

Or maybe you hired a writer to do that for you. Paid thousands in copywriting fees and are blindly trusting that this person did their homework….

More on that in a moment...

But, as it stands, the product is solid and it delivers exactly what your marketing says it does. The user reviews back that up and it’s flying off the shelves.

Then you receive a friendly little letter from the FTC kindly asking you to “cease and desist”.

If you don’t, you may be required to “submit formal studies from reliable institutions, empirical data from unbiased sources, or face legal consequences.

Ok I lied, that doesn’t sound so friendly after all.

And of course that writer who was supposed to be an expert is off on some other project and can’t handle your request for changes.

At this point you have 3 options

1. Comply with the request.

Remove your ad and create a new campaign that conforms more closely to their guidelines. That means hiring another writer or doing it yourself.

2. Send the ad to a legal team.

They’ll remove any language that may have violated the FTC guidelines. It will come back full of revisions, red lines, and deletions, void of any emotion, heart or soul.   It will be compliant, but the odds are it won’t convert.

(IMPORTANT NOTE) Lawyers are expensive….but you knew that right?

3. Do nothing. 

Continue running the ad because, hey it works and people love the product, what’s the worst that can happen?

How about a fine of  $40, 654 per day that the ad runs….oh and in case you were wondering, that can be applied retroactively for any days that the ad ran in the past.

None of these options seem particularly attractive, but there is a 4th option at your disposal.

Create ad campaigns that are compliant BEFORE you ever send traffic to them.

Doing this takes a little work, but is fairly easy to complete.

If you follow the 3 step guide I have created for you below, then you’ll never have to worry about the nasty consequences of a non compliant ad campaign.

First - Understand the guidelines for your industry. I.E. Health, one of the most highly regulated markets by the FTC

Second - Know how to communicate that to your customers with language that is both simple, and yet doesn’t imply or directly state anything that goes against FTC guidelines.

Last - Have plenty of research to back your claims up. Often, it’s not enough to just have 1-2 studies backing up a claim.

The more you have, the better. Especially if they’re peer reviewed and published by trusted institutions like universities and associations.

In general, it’s a lot of reading and even more writing

Of course, you could just hire another writer to do all of this for you.

But you must choose carefully because most copywriters these days are woefully under educated when it comes to writing compliant copy.

Here’s a few guidelines to stick by when hiring writers….

Avoid newer writers who are just starting out.

There’s nothing wrong with them and they will be cheaper, but their level of experience will often preclude them from really knowing all, or any, of the applicable FTC regulations.

Review a writers past work.  

Look for samples that are extremely hyped up and almost unbelievable. If the person has a writing style like this, it’s likely most of what they put in the ad probably wouldn’t get the seal of approval from regulators.

Don’t focus only on stats.

Sure, it’s great that the writer can produce amazing results, that’s what we all want. But good results do not mean the ads are compliant, in fact in many cases it means the opposite.

But there is one other option you have at your disposal.

One that removes any work on your end...

No reading...

No writing...

And never having to worry about whether or not your ad will be approved or scrutinized for compliance.

Hire me!

I write exclusively for the health, alternative health and supplements market.

I’ve studied under some of the top health copywriters in the game today and I know how to get your ideal customers to click, SOMETHING and convert.

My clients include Agora Publishing, The Healthy Back Institute, Epigenetic Labs and several others.

Often times, my work has to be cleared by a team of highly priced lawyers before it ever goes to market.

So I know what the regulators look for, and I know how to keep all the emotion, substance and soul that gets your customers to buy and keeps your feet out of the fire.

I’ve wisely turned some of these lawyers into friends who help to navigate the many grey areas of compliance.

Plus - you never have to worry about a knock at the door from the FTC.

If for any reason the ad campaign I prepare for your business is flagged for non compliance, I’ll rewrite and edit your ad until it meets those standards...completely free of charge.

I know that you’re paying me for a result: compliant copywriting that converts. My job isn’t done until we can both say that statement is true.

And here’s what else if free: speaking 1 on 1 with me.

Use the link below and head to my booking page.

Schedule a FREE Consultation here

Right now I’m offering 30 minute free consultations. I’l review your project, your current marketing and even give you free tips on how you can turn non compliant copy into compliant copy in no time.

After that, if you want to work with me, we’ll structure a contract and I’ll get started on your project.

Here’s where to go to schedule.

Click here to schedule a FREE Consultation

Thanks for reading and we’ll talk soon.



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